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Robert E.G. Beens

Robert is CEO of Startpage/Ixquick and oversees all company aspects including operations, product development, technology and finance. He has a special interest in consumer Privacy. He earned his Master's degree in Corporate, Social & Economic Dutch Law from the University of Utrecht in the Netherlands. (1990)


David M. Bodnick

David was the original founder of Startpage. With expertise in custom software development, he leads the team that develops Startpage's core technology, including its privacy technology. David holds a BA from Brown University in the USA, and is a CFA charterholder.


Alexander B. Van Eesteren

Alex is responsible for Sales & Business Development and Media relations. He also oversees Startpage’s product innovations and customer support services. He holds a Bachelor of Business Economics degree from the Technische Hogeschool Eindhoven (1986) in the Netherlands.


Dr. Katherine Albrecht

Katherine is in charge of US Media Relations and Marketing Initiatives. She is a respected expert in the privacy arena, with a decade of experience as a researcher and activist. She is also a bestselling author and a syndicated radio host. Katherine holds a Doctorate in Consumer Education and a Masters in Instructional Technology from Harvard University. She received an undergraduate degree in International Marketing from the University of Southern California.

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