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We'd like to find out what you think about Startpage, both positive and negative.

What do you like and dislike about Startpage? What do you use it for, and when don't you use it (and why)? What can we do to make Startpage more useful to you, and more enjoyable to use?

Before submitting your feedback please have a look at our Frequently Asked Questions first. B
You can find the FAQ here. It provides some commonly asked questions, like:

Why doesn't Startpage remember the preferences I saved in 'Settings'?
When installing the plugin I get a message saying a search engine of the same name already exists. What's wrong?
Does Startpage offer private email?

Thanks very much in advance for your comments.

Your thoughts and experiences:

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Contact Info

Startpage ( is a privacy focused search engine, founded in New York and launched on the Web in 1998. is owned by Surfboard Holding BV, a privately owned Dutch company. Its goal is delivering the most relevant search results under the largest possible umbrella of privacy to its users. Commercialization only takes place through the use of clearly labeled sponsored results.
Surfboard Holding has been profitable since 2002.

Contact Information:
Surfboard Holding B.V.
Postbus 1079
3700 BB Zeist
The Netherlands

U.S. Contact Person:
Dr. Katherine Albrecht
U.S. Media Relations
877-434-3100 [toll free]
+1 973-273-2125 [international access]

E.U. Contact person:
Alex van Eesteren
Sales & Business Development

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